Mama I made it

This Sunday was one that I will forever hold dear to me. My favorite ladies (with the exception of a few) and I got together in Chinatown, DC for a late brunch, so I guess we can just go ahead and call it lunch. The occasion? To celebrate graduating from my masters program.

Getting my masters was a challenge for me. Working full-time and then part time on my business made studying and weekly assignments a struggle. I placed a lot of things on hold and sacrificed other things all together. Some of my friendships suffered and social life was non existent.


I’m Done! I still don’t get as much free time as I hoped for but I can now start doing some of the things I’ve been holding back on, plus I get to sleep earlier and longer 🙂


So Sunday was the day!  Every one of these ladies are uniquely different and they all came together for me. They all really do share in my joy. My accomplishments are theirs and vice versa. One thing I’ve learned is that as you get older, it becomes a lot easier to identify true friends. The real ones. The ones that genuinely love you. Without a doubt, I know the love is real when it comes to each one of my sexy mamas.

We enjoyed ourselves.

The food was great.

Conversation hot and enticing.

Love over flowing



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